Last minute gift ideas? The perfect gift for skiers and snowboarders. Yardsale Yeti Shot Ski Company.

Need a Last Minute Gift Idea? John Stamos approved.

December 06, 2017

So you need a last minute gift idea...?


How about one of those yardsale yeti shot skis all the kids are talking about these days? They're calling them the Cadillac of shot skis... and that they're great for last minute holiday gifts or birthday surprises.

Let our team at Yardale Yeti tell you why.

Let's just say you're friend is throwing a party and John Stamos walks up to them and says "Hey wanna do a shot ski with me and the two Olsen twins?" Naturally, they must accept his offer as they've been a fan of his for years which is why he was invited to the party in the first place. Now, we know you don't want them to look like a silly fool in front of their childhood hero. Lucky for them, they have a great friend watching over their shoulders like you that has gifted them a shot ski recently. That awkwardness of telling John no to his simple request because they don't own a shot ski has been avoided - more importantly, your friend did not disappoint Mr Stamos. Which means he'll probably come to the next party with Bob Saget.

Shall we provide you with another reason? Probably not necessary now.


- Yardsale Yeti

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