The perfect holiday gift for skiers and snowboarders. Yardsale Yeti Shot Ski Company.

Why you need a shot ski this holiday season

November 19, 2017

We get it, the holidays are fast approaching and you need some ideas to find that perfect gift. Well lucky for you our team put our noggins together and compiled a little list to help you and showcase all of the reasons you could use a shot ski this holiday season.


Christmas gifts

This one is obvious but who wouldn't be stoked to see a Yardsale Yeti shot ski tucked underneath their tree on Christmas morning!? A shot ski is a perfect gift for any skier, snowboarder, student, party animal, hipster, cool dad, soccer mom, and mountain enthusiast. So pretty much anyone that likes to have fun on a Thursday night in your life.

What do you think Ms. Clause is getting jolly Old Saint Nick this year? 100% a Yardsale Yeti. We know because we are friends with her.


Dealing with your Family

This year celebrate the gathering of the most cherished people in your life and toast alongside those you love the most with a yardsale yeti shot ski. Our shot skis can bring any family together during the holiday season. Whether your aunt is being a difficult Debra or your uncle is being a political Paul. Set aside your differences and have a shot. Afterall, you are family.


Christmas Office Parties 

Bring a shot ski to work this holiday season and we promise you Maria from finance will let loose, you’ll wheel the office secretary (male or female) & your boss will be so impressed that he'll promote you on the spot. Plus, drinking with your boss is cool. How else are you going to get promoted?  

The shot ski gets you noticed. Let’s make it happen this year, you deserve it.


Ugly Sweater Parties

You've sent out the Facebook invites, made the jungle juice and hung the mistletoe. Now you’re trying to get the party started and that Michael Bublé Christmas album is just not cutting it. You think it’s a good idea to pour some shots and pass them around on a tray. Unfortunately, you are now the most hated person in the room. But what if there was another way to consume a tequila shot? Enter in Yardsale Yeti. Bust out the classic shot ski, save the party and be the star.


Final Thoughts... 

Owning one of our Yardsale Yeti shot skis can add 99% more fun to your Christmas events this year. We wanted to say 100%, but no one is perfect.

Now that you've read this blog, I think it's time to take a gander at some of our shot skis to help get you through this holiday season. 


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